My entire Career.
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As I’ve progressed in the industry—building one of Utah’s top producing teams (multiple years in a row)—one of the things I’ve most enjoyed is sharing what I’ve learned with other hungry and ambitious real estate agents

A Letter To real estate agents

Dear Real Estate Agents,

Over the past 15 years, I’ve given my heart and soul to this industry. I feel that there is hardly a door or opportunity that I’ve left unopened, and I owe so much of my success to the wonderful people who have helped me along the way. 

That being said, the next door for me is to give back what I’ve learned. And that’s a door I don’t plan to leave unopened, either. 

This course is the culmination of everything I’ve learned along the way as I’ve built one of Northern Utah’s top producing (and still top producing) team. 

In this course you’ll find 100 seminars, 35+ flights to Arizona and California for weekend masterminds, close to 1000 zoom calls, years of one on one business coaching, years of one on one life coaching, 15 years of trial and error, a handful of failures and successes that far outshine them. 

Most importantly, I’ve built the course in a way that’s different than any other course I’ve participated in. 

Rather than talking about building systems and processes, we’ll put them in place. All of them. In 16 weeks. In 16 short weeks, you’ll have implemented the same systems in place that skyrocketed my career (but also took me over a decade to perfect). 

Traditional coaching tells you what to do. In my program, we will actually do it. You’ll make tangible and measurable changes to your business during the program, rather than simply learning how to make those changes. It’s all action based (and that’s why it’s called “massive action” coaching). 

My hope in all of this is to spread my influence, give back to the community, and make some friends along the way. It’s progress or die in this industry, and this is my way of progression.

I hope that it can be your way forward, too. 

See you online!



Don't talk about systems. Build systems

You'll walk away with your CRM fully loaded with your SOI (that we will build) and an action plan for growing your database and pulling commissions out of it on autopilot.

Go fast and go far. Don't go solo—get a coach

Look, the truth is, you could build this stuff yourself. But your time is worth more than that. You'll go faster and further with less funds by leaning on a coach who's done it before.

systems for building massive team momentum

Everything is more fun on a team, and, it's true, teams achieve SO much more. Culture is the way to truly differentiate your team, and culture is derived from systems.


One of the best things about coaching with Spring is her vast amount of knowledge and experience about the things that I'm experiencing personally


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Grow a database and pull commissions from it on autopilot.


Surround yourself with like minded and ambitious people.


You'll start to see results during the program—not just after.


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