Here's how it works

I've structured my course into six modules that span over sixteen weeks. In each module, you can expect to:

  • Put systems into place that automate the process and reduce the manual burden on you/your team
  • Hold weekly calls to show you, first hand, how these systems work on my team and hold you accountable
  • See a broken down, step by step guide that will make implementation a breeze over the next seven days and prepare you for the next class
  • Recieve one on one support throughout the week to implement systems as needed


It’s no joke—too many real estate teams and agents sell themselves short by failing to take a standard approach to their business. For most, this simply means knowing the numbers that drive your baseline. You can’t grow what you don’t know. In module one, we’ll talk about these numbers and implement systems for tracking them. Numbers are the heartbeat of your business. You need to be able to check your pulse at any time.


Anyone who thrives in this business thrives, in part, becuase of their sphere of influence (SOI). The more people who know you, and know you as a qualified realtor, the more people who will use your services (or team) to purchase a home. This has been baseline for me and for my team. In module two, we’ll define your SOI and talk about how your CRM should manage your relationship with each of your potential clients. We will get all of these systems implemented.


With your database in place, you’ll need a way to efficiently and effectively generate commissions from it. This means communication. We’ll set up a system for you (or your agents) to actively prospect your database and hold them accountable to high conversion ratios on opportunities. Only a small portion of your database is ready to buy, so we will create a 36 touch marketing automation plan to actively build and maintain relationships with your database


Module four is all about making you look good. We’ll talk about basic design programs, mega open houses, systems for video marketing, and social media to make sure that you’re staying top of mind with your community and expand your influence. We’ll talk about how this can create value for any potential agents that you bring on, as you can help them market themselves, build their SOI, expand their influence, and stay top of mind with the potential clients in their community.


If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, build a team. Module five is all about the strategic partnerships that are going to make a difference in the long run—specifically, vendor relationships. There is no relationship that is more profitable to any vendor—be it mortgage, home inspection, title, you name it—that is more profitable or worthwhile than a relationship with a driven real estate agent or team. If you can market yourself right to vendors and provide them the right value, this will impact your bottom line directly.


Finally, you’ll need to capitalize on the massive opportunity that the internet creates for us as realtors—because if you don’t someone else will. We’ll get your Google paid search, Facebook ads, retargeting and more set up to allow you to predictably generate more leads. Then, we’ll tie these back into your accountability systems (from module one) where you’ll be able to monitor which lead sources are working and allocate more money to what’s creating your income. This is how you scale your business.

The Nitty Gritty


...until go time

Here's what you need to know about the coaching program:

Class kicks off with our first, hour long zoom call on April 23 at 10AM Mountain Time (12PM Eastern)

The links on this page will take you to our quick and easy billing portal, where you can start your subscription. A $999 deposit will save your spot today, and you will be billed $1000 on the 5th of each month for the duration of the program. The total amount will be $4999 (including deposit), and you can drop out of the course at any time if you have unexpected circumstances arise. Be sure to reserve your spot now—this is a hands-on course, so my team and I have decided to limit the amount of seats as we only have a certain capacity to mentor and implement systems with our clients. 

The core of the class is a one hour, interactive video conference every Tuesday at 10:00. You should also allocate a certain amount of time each week to execution—it will take a little investment up front, and you will be working harder during these 12 weeks, but once you’re done the system is built to run itself. A little investment now will pay out in spades in the long run.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve given my heart and soul to this industry. I feel that there is hardly a door or opportunity that I’ve left unopened, and I owe so much of my success to the wonderful people who have helped me along the way. 

That being said, the next door for me is to give back what I’ve learned. And that’s a door I don’t plan to leave unopened, either. 

This course is the culmination of everything I’ve learned along the way as I’ve built Northern Utah’s top producing (and still top producing) team. 

My hope is to spread my influence, give back to the community, and make some friends along the way. It’s progress or die in this industry, and this is my way of progression.

All of the above! I view them as the same. All real estate businesses need processes for building their influence, marketing, generating leads, accountability, training, etc. It doesn’t matter the size of your business currently, the program is built to grow the one thing that matters most: your bottom line, while saving you time in the process.

Click on any of the buttons on this page to open up our billing portal, put down your deposit, and secure your spot!

I purposely built the course so to be valuable for all levels of real estate agents. If you’re just getting started, your focus will be on implementing the systems. If you have been in the business for a long time, the course will be a deep dive into those systems to optimize them and find ways that they can better work together, save you time, and increase your bottom line.



Thought leader in the real estate space. An award winning agent and team leader, driven entrepreneur, business and mindset coach devoted to creating clear intentions around building the life you have always wanted.

My friends call me Springtime. Now you can too! 

As one of Northern Utah’s top producing team leaders with sales volume over $700,000,000 in the last 15 years, I take pride in my work with my clients and colleagues and am always looking to share my vast real estate background with others— which includes luxury residential, development projects and property management. My knowledge of the communities, understanding of her client’s needs, and proven marketing strategies have helped me to earn recognition as one of Realtor Magazines “30 under 30”.

The award recognizes sales professionals for both their sales volume and professionalism, which I attribute to my organized approach, detailed follow-up systems.

I’m most passionate about helping those around her live their potential and have the life they envision, and I am dedicated to helping those around me through education, training and one on one mentoring. 


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