4 Weeks. 1 Month. 1 Year.

How do you structure your dreams?

Time Is A Gift. Take Advantage

We all have the same 365 days, but how we choose to structure them differs dramatically. High-achievers use the 411 strategy to give their dreams structure—meaning, you define your top-level goals and activities for each week, month, and year as a whole. Breaking things up into chunks like this is the core of achievement.

Goals Are Dreams With Structure

Your dreams should be huge. They should be undefinable, limitless. They should be tied closely to the emotions of your heart. And although they may be difficult or impossible to describe on paper or in words, this sheet uses goals to start to give them some kind of actionable form.

Celebrate Success

The more often you celebrate success, the more you'll start to gain momentum. That's why it's important to set goals at a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. You can look back after each time period and celebrate the success you've achieved, and carry that momentum into your next venture.

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